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Season 4 is Coming!

Season 4 of Dear ID is focused on the freelance ID experience. If you've ever thought about going into business for yourself, this season is just for you. Hear the stories of freelancers at every stage of their journey.

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About the Show

I'm an instructional design newbie looking to help other newbies like me. We hear from ID thought leaders in a variety of places. Their voices are important, but can still leave questions and frustrations. What is the life of an instructional designer really like? This show is going to delve into all of the mess and how we can deal with it.


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If you are an instructional designer or trainer and want to engage in a bigger conversation on Instructional Design, this is a great place to start!
— Tim Waxenfelter
Pithy, grounded, and actionable insights about the world of Instructional Design. Ranks among the most engaging and useful resources for beginner IDs that I have found.
— Maria Widmer
This podcast is incredibly helpful! It's one of a kind. There are very few resources out there for Instructional Designers at all levels, and Kristin is super knowledgeable in this area. Please do keep up the great work!
— Honest Truth
This is a terrific show for both the ID newbie and those of us in the trenches in need of a boost. Kristin's show notes are full of helpful links.
I especially like the length of the podcast – easy to fit into my day and replay when I have the time to put her suggestions into action.
— Diane Weir
All about Instructional Design. Tons of resources and advice for those new to the profession. Kristin is a great host.
— DL xyz
Just started listening to this podcast after it's been out for almost a year. I love it! It has great and practical advice that you can start implementing right away.
— Alison Goldthorpe
I've been bingeing on this podcast for the last couple of months, and I'm hooked. I've learned about so many things: xAPI, rapid prototyping, and writing effective assessment questions. I've started a conversation at work about how we can upgrade our "smile sheets" and work on ways to collect more meaningful data about our courses. Oh yeah, and I'm making plans for my own portfolio. Thank you, Kristin, for taking us on this journey and making us all better IDs.
— EH170

Talk to Me

I want this show to be about all of us! All of us instructional design newbies. As a question, make a suggestion, let me know what you want to hear on the show! You can get in touch with me at kristin AT